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Ethereum Is Expected Rise As It Bounces off 385 USD Level

10월 27, 2020

Talking Points: Ethereum (ETH) has witnessed a 6% drop over the last 24 hours on the back of the stock drop. The Dow Jones dropped 3% during yesterday’s trading session. Experts believe that ETH...

Ethereum (ETH) Is Still on Track to Reach 400 USD

10월 13, 2020

Talking Points: ETH rejected at 395 USD, leaving 400 USD unobtained. ETH/USD reacts to oversold status, but analysis suggests that the most solid support is between 351 and 361 USD. Ethereum was...

Social Interest in Ethereum Is Waning, but Is This a Bullish Sign?

10월 1, 2020

Talking Points: Bitcoin (BTC) has been causing the whole crypto market to see some vulnerability, which has had a major impact on Ethereum (ETH) and numerous other altcoins. ETH is currently...

Some Experts Believe That the Fundamentals for Ethereum Have Never Been Stronger

9월 23, 2020

It’s been a torrid time in the DeFi world over the past few days. The best example of this pattern is Yearn finance (YFI), generally viewed as the “index” for Ethereum’s DeFi space. The token...

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins

9월 16, 2020

Buyers are flocking back to the crypto market and supporting Bitcoin (BTC) above 10,000 USD. Every time BTC has fallen below this point, bargain hunters have jumped into action aggressively buying...

We Could See Ripple Outperform Bitcoin And Ethereum

9월 10, 2020

Ripple (XRP) has become one of the more troubling tails of the crypto world since the bubble burst. The once third-ranked asset has slipped down the list of top crypto assets, due to almost three...

Chainlink (LINK) Surpassed Ethereum in Crucial Metric Following a 500% Rally

7월 17, 2020

At an all-time high achieved during July the 15th’s trading session at 8.91 USD, the favourite amongst the altcoin community was up by almost 500% from March’s collapse at lows of around 1.50...

Three Reasons That Might Support an Ethereum Upturn

7월 7, 2020

Ethereum’s (ETH) price is at long last beginning to show some signs of life as the cryptocurrency rebounds from its lows of late. Its continuous rise has outpaced that seen by Bitcoin and most...

We Could See Ethereum Drop by 20% Against BTC

6월 30, 2020

Ethereum (ETH) has been severely underperforming against Bitcoin (BTC) over the course of the last few days, with the cryptocurrency’s USD pair rapidly approaching a critical “last-ditch”...
Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Which One Do You Invest In?

6월 9, 2020

Cryptocurrencies can be a bit confusing. Are they digital money or more like gold? Are they a new way to buy things online or a way to retain value? Those aren’t simple questions to answer when...