Hợp đồng Chênh lệch (CFD) là một công cụ giao dịch rất phức tạp. Do sử dụng đòn bẩy, giao dịch CFD có nguy cơ thua lỗ nhanh chóng cao. 72,78% nhà đầu tư bán lẻ đã bị thua lỗ trong các giao dịch CFD với nhà môi giới này. Bạn nên xem xét liệu bạn có hiểu các nguyên tắc sử dụng CFD và liệu bạn có thể chịu được rủi ro cao hay không trước khi xem xét giao dịch CFD.



Bitcoin Has Become the World’s 6th Largest Currency

September 7, 2020

At its present market cap, Bitcoin has a monetary supply worth in excess of 170 different traditional currencies. Since its inception, a little more than 10 years ago, Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed its...

Gold’s Record Rally Is an Indicator That the U.S. Dollar’s Dominance As the Reserve Currency Could Be Over

August 4, 2020

This summer’s huge gold price rally could be an indication that the market is losing trust in the U.S. dollar as the globes reserve currency, as suggested by Nick Piquard Horizons ETFs...

How at Risk is the USD of Losing its Status as Global Reserve Currency?

July 14, 2020

For nearly a century, the USD has held its position as the world’s trusted reserve currency, replacing the role previously held by the GBP. The future of the dollar as the most popular reserve...

The British Pound Is Turning Into an Emerging Market Currency

June 25, 2020

Talking Points: Brexit has permanently altered investors’ perspective on sterling, warns experts. The British pound has not recovered to levels before the UK voted to leave the EU, losing around...