Контракт на разницу цен (CFD) - это очень сложный торговый инструмент, который из-за использования кредитного плеча имеет высокий риск быстрой потери. 72,78% розничных инвесторов понесли убытки в сделках CFD с этим брокером. Прежде чем рассматривать торговлю CFD, вам следует подумать, понимаете ли вы принцип использования CFD и можете ли вы выдерживать высокие риски.


Retail Sales Grow for the First Time in 2020, as China’s Economy Continues its Recovery from Coronavirus

15 сентября, 2020

Industry, retail, and investment all showed significant improvements in August, as the Chinese economy continued its broad-based recovery from the damages caused by the coronavirus earlier this year,...

Silver Continues to Surprise us all and Still has room for Appreciation

8 сентября, 2020

Gold has by far been the precious metal getting all the attention as investors piled into the safe-haven asset on the economic fallout of the pandemic. Gold prices broke all-time records in August...

Demand Continues to be Oils Achilles Heel and Set for Its Biggest Drop in Months

4 сентября, 2020

Oil futures fell 1% on Friday, with both sides of the Atlantic heading towards their biggest weekly drops since June, as severely weak demand and ample fuel supplies offset support from a weaker...