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FVP Trade’s Jonathan Greene Awarded CEO of the Year 2021

July 30, 2021

Mr Jonathan Greene of FVP Trade has been awarded CEO of the Year 2021 by CEO Monthly Magazine.

While the award may have caught him off guard, it certainly came as no surprise to the colleagues that have worked alongside him the past few years.

Stacey Wright, Head of Human Resources at FVP, said “I’m so happy for Mr Greene. Ever since he came to the company, the atmosphere and energy he brings to the workplace is amazing! He is always one of the first into the office and more often than not, he’s the last to leave. To see him being recognised for his efforts and hard work in this way is fantastic!”

The CEO monthly magazine featured a full-page article on Mr Greene, from his humble beginnings as a junior banker, through to his days at Kleinwort Benson, their merger with SG Hambros, and how he led FVP Trade to success despite the pandemic.

“It’s quite flattering, to be honest,” said Greene. “While I was aware they were running a piece about myself and my career, I didn’t realise I was in the running for an award. Having this bestowed upon myself is a huge honour and I would very much like to dedicate this to my team and everyone at FVP Trade. While it may sound a little cliché, I really cannot stress enough how important it is to have such a fantastic team around me. They make my life a whole lot easier with the hard yards they put in every single day.”

Check out the full article here: https://www.wpgxfox28.com/story/44419580/fvp-trades-jonathan-greene-awarded-ceo-of-the-year-2021

About FVP Trade

FVP Trade was launched in 2017 as an online CFD brokerage company, owned by FVP Holdings. Led by former Kleinwort Benson executive Mr Jonathan Greene, the company has become one of the fastest-growing CFD providers globally in recent years. Its core business advantages lie in its ultra-fast execution speeds, a wide variety of products available for trading, as well as being globally regulated to ensure client’s safety of funds. Traders can trade a wide range of financial products such as forex, metals, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency CFDs on its award-winning trading platform. 

FVP Trade Ltd is registered and headquartered in the BVI and has multiple offices across 30 cities globally. FVP Trade is regulated by ASIC (001289584),  NFA (0536360), and Canada FINTRAC (M21364520).

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