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FVP Trade’s Ambitious 5 Year Plan Sees a Decentralised Future on the Horizon

June 16, 2021


With FVP Trade’s Global Summit in May still fresh in our minds, let’s take a closer look at the company’s ambitious “Five Year Plan”, which was spoken about in great detail by our firm’s Chief Market Development Officer, Keith Walker. FVP Trade has already begun a rapid expansion across the Asia-Pacific region, with an impressive two thirds of the company’s planned offices now operational. And with current plans well ahead of schedule, we can take a look ahead to the next few years for a more in-depth view at what FVP Trade has in store for our investors and customers.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival, the launch of the FVP Community App, and the End of Year Conference to close things out, it’s fair to say it will be a busy 2021, but according to Walker, it’s 2022 where things will really begin to pick up pace.

One of the highlights of 2022 will be the launch of the IPO Internal Trading System. Walker has described this as “A golden opportunity to earn generational wealth” and went on to add “It’s not very often an opportunity comes along to get in at a level where real wealth can be gained from such a low investment. While these IPO shares will be now available to sell or trade as the customer sees fit, I would seriously encourage shareowners to hold onto them until the company’s plan and vision is fully realised. Once the future acquisitions are made and the Fintech and Quantum elements of our growth are complete, only then will we be able to see the shares’ true value”.

Continuing in 2022, the company plans to invite a select few leading IB’S and top leaders to visit the newly installed, state of the art trading floor, which has recently relocated from London, and now resides with a team of the firm’s leading traders in Russia. “Our Moscow trading floor really is one of the jewels in FVP’S crown. A lot of time and money has gone into ensuring the trading floor has everything it needs for our traders to be best equipped to deliver consistent results. We very much look forward to being able to welcome visitors as soon as the pandemic is behind us” Walker stated. 

But it was Walker’s news of a meeting with top Quantum Technology company D-Wave Systems that really piqued interest. “This is an exciting conclusion to 2022, D-Wave is a world-leading quantum technology firm and to be able to have the opportunity to travel to California with our very own elite quantum team to learn from them is very exciting. We look forward to sharing tech ideas and gathering as much information as we can to best improve our own quantum systems, and may even have the possibility of discussing the option of the exchange of shares”.

FVP’s plans for 2023 look to be based on growth. FVP Holdings CEO and company founder, Tim Booth, has confirmed “Yes, in 2023 we plan to acquire three companies to add to our existing quantum and fintech holdings portfolio. I’m not in a position to comment further as we want the transition to run as smoothly as possible, but what I can confirm is one of these is an extremely exciting new blockchain company and the other is a fantastic Decentralised Lottery company. We do, in fact, expect to push through with the decentralised lottery first, so we may well see that at the back end of 2022. Either way, these will become exciting new additions to our holdings group, and will flourish into an exciting and integral part of the ecosystem which we are building here”


The Company Looks To Finally Launch Its IPO in 2024

Once their entire Quantum Finance Ecosystem is near completion, the company will look to list on Nasdaq with an estimated market cap of US $5B. This is the time when our existing customers can choose to cash out their pre-ipo shares or continue holding our shares for more explosive gains. Walker added “Early Coinbase investors who invested into the company at $0.20 back in 2013 cashed out when it went IPO above $300 in 2021. That is 1500 times return on their capital, catapulting them from a rich to a truly wealthy status. We expect the same to happen to many of our early investors in 2024”.

For 2025, Walker stated that the company’s ecosystem would be “finally complete and that all of the firm’s goals would come full circle”. He left us with some words about the finalisation of FVP Trades 5 year plan.

“We fully expect that by 2025, all our projects will bear fruition with the acquisitions made in 2023, and using our quantum and blockchain capabilities, we expect our share prices to be higher than ever. Our vision has never been more clear. We aim to push for a full decentralisation of our system network, offering a full ecosystem of a decentralised trading platform, social media platform, lottery, and will have become a leading Quantum Banking solutions provider. Offering all of this to our investors will propel us to our rightful position as a world-leading CFD brokerage with the best Quantum Finance Ecosystem”.



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