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FVP Trade Gains Standing on WikiFX and Joins Their Eye Protection Centre (EPC) Programme To Safeguard their Customers

May 24, 2021

Over the past few years, FVP Trade has been gaining strength across the globe with customers from every corner of the world. As they have been expanding their main goal has remained the same, to provide great customer service and to give them peace of mind with their funds.

This has been highlighted recently as they have reached a WikiFX rating of 7.05/10 and in doing so have been enrolled in the WikiFX EPC programme at the highest level at legal aid A. Giving their customers extra assurance and protection.

The legal aid A category gives their customers 10,000 USD worth of compensation protection if in unforeseen circumstances they were to fail.

FVP Trade is already regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) and as a Money Services Business (MSB) with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). And with this additional layer of protection provided by the EPC programme, customers have true peace of mind.

Mr Jonathan Greene CEO at FVP Trade said, “We are delighted to have achieved such a high rating from WikiFX and our customers, which we will continue to build on”. He went on to say “achieving the legal aid A status is a great reflection of the hard work our team has put in, giving our customers additional protection”.


So What Is the EPC Programme All About?

WikiFX Protection Project Guards Investors against Broker’s Bankruptcy.

WikiFX launched the EPC program to compensate for investors‘ loss. As a highlight of WikiFX, the EPC program is China’s first free forex compensation scheme. Since EPC‘s creation, WikiFX has never stopped improving the service, striving to serve investors with EPC’s professional team, maximized coverage, unbiased and fair operation and transparent process. The program has drawn the interests of both forex investors and brokers.


Professional Team

The EPC Council and the Arbitration Committee both consist of experts of the forex circle, many of which are former employees of brokers who have accumulated rich experience and expertise during decades of forex trading. With such a professional team, investors’ pressing needs can be addressed with higher efficiency.


Maximized Coverage

According to the EPC rules, WikiFX will receive from the compliant broker a deposit that serves as a guarantee fund for its investors. The fund will help reduce investors‘ loss even if their broker runs into any problem. If investors fail to receive compensation from the broker within 6 months of its bankruptcy, WikiFX will assess the criteria of the investors who have signed up for the EPC program on the WikiFX website, and those eligible will be compensated for up to 50,000 CNY per person.


Unbiased and Fair Operation

WikiFX will estimate the appropriate guarantee fund for a broker according to its WikiFX rating, and brokers with lower ratings generally need to provide a higher guarantee fund. In addition, to ensure EPC‘s impartiality and guarantee investors’ rights in facing any possible conflict of interests, the EPC Council oversees the operation of the EPC Committee and ensures the Committee as well as the Assessment Panel and Review Panel make independent and impartial decisions based on facts when dealing with compensation claims.


Transparent Process

Once the EPC program is activated, WikiFX will publish the detailed compensation process and other important information investors need to know on both WikiFX App the official site www.wikifx.com, so investors can easily access them. The compensation includes the following steps:

  -The applicant registers and uploads information;

  -EPC assesses the applicants’ materials;

  -The list of eligible applicants is released to the public;

  -The compensation beneficiary signs an agreement;

  -The compensation case is made public.

Investors can also scan the QR code and join the WeChat group to get a step-by-step guide of the EPC compensation application and other information updates.



In the future, WikiFX will continue to carry out the EPC program and live up to the expectations and support of investors and clients, striving to create a safer and cleaner forex environment.

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