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Acquisition of Qfinity Labs by FVP Holdings

16 сентября, 2020

London, UK, Release: May 13th, 2019. For Immediate Release.

CC: Tim Booth / Jonathan Greene

FVP Holdings announced its acquisition of Qfinity Labs, a Quantum Computing company that hails its very existence from a start-up incubator program that began its operations back in the United Kingdom in 2013.

The company’s founder Dr. David Moche had previously been working in quantum computing at IBM’S headquarters in Armonk ( U.S ) before moving to London to establish his brand new research lab.

When asked about what he and his team will be bringing to FVP Holdings he responded: “Qfinity Labs will be a global leader in the research and development of quantum computing systems, software, and services in the next few years. Our mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing in the financial sector. It is with great pleasure that my team at Qfinity labs can team up with the experts at FVP Trade, pool our resources together to provide customers with alternative ways to profit from the financial markets.”

Jonathan Greene, CEO of FVP Trade believes “While the true performance capabilities of quantum computing are yet to be fully realised at this moment, we know that Quantum computing is the future. The high-speed and extremely powerful processing power of this technology will allow us to sharpen our competitive edge, allow our trading algorithms to more accurately predict the future direction of the markets, putting us in pole position to help our customers profit consistently from the unforgiving financial markets.”

“We are extremely excited to have the team from Qfinity labs on board and the future looks extremely bright for FVP Trade to become a top CFD provider globally in the near future,” says Mr. Tim Booth, Chief Executive Officer of FVP Holdings.